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"Hannah and anna but better as a duo"

I and Hannah are both fashion students who also work together part-time at flannels. we both decided to combine our creative minds and take the plunge to make creative content on Instagram. since launching we have consistently created content weekly for small and large businesses. our first collaboration was with odd muse, who believed in us from the beginning. since, we have worked with brands such as: Misguided, rebellious fashion, lavish Alice, look fantastic, mejuri, missy empire and more. 


our main aim and outcome for the page is to combine creative ideas and concepts with fashion and styling on a duo.


The journey so far has been so rewarding. we have been able to network, meet like-minded individuals, meet students and feature in dissertations, attend events and more.

we can't wait to see what the future holds!



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Browsing on tiktok I came across student Meka from Salford. she set out a video asking for gen z creatives to come forward, submit any creative work and come together to produce a magazine. this process was so amazing to be a part of, watching a community of creatives come together, we submitted our dress x digital fashion photo, showcasing digital content on a duo.

dress x, digital fashion collaboration

Dress x is a digital fashion brand that transforms physical garments into a digital form. the consumer then purchases a digital version of the garment which can then be transformed onto a photo of their choice to be shared on social media. dress x promotes circularity, new technology, and sustainability. as a fashion duo, we found them on TikTok and instantly wanted to find out more. a few digital looks later, we gained such a positive response from digital garments. we have featured in L'official within an article about the future of fashion. we are also featured on the homepage of dress x. this company is one we truly admire and love watching the journey they take transforming the fashion industry.

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In April Hannah and I, got invited to rebellious fashion for a content day. we created reels, social posts, TikTok's, and Q&As for the brand. not only was this an amazing opportunity to take part in, still being a small account. the day allowed us to network, gain confidence and explore behind the scenes within a fashion company. 



a lovely group of students approached Hannah and me on Instagram to ask if we would be interested in their event exploring female euphoria. for this we filmed a couple minute-long videos answering questions the team wanted to know. we shared our experience so far being creators on Instagram but also any advice and aspirations we have for the future. the whole event was such a success, even though it all had to be online due to covid circumstances. we spoke to so many amazing creators, stylists and empowering females.

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