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look fantastic ambassador

As a Look Fantastic Student Ambassador, the goal is to create content for the brand whilst also encouraging traction to their website and app platforms. since being in the program, I have made it a goal to create content that is unique and valuable to the brand. That includes Product photography, story highlights, Instagram reels and TikTok's. The whole experience gives me knowledge of the beauty industry but also improves product photography skills and confidence in communicating with an audience whilst promoting a product. 

instagram videos and reels

story 1.jpg
story 2.jpg

social media stories


Look Fantastic event

instsqc 2021-09-09 124754.436.JPG
instsqc 2021-09-09 001702.630.JPG
instsqc 2021-09-09 000919.413.JPG
instsqc 2021-09-09 001701.679.JPG
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