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&Other Stories brief

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This brief entailed picking a garment from university and creating a project surrounding themes that link to the look, texture, or meaning of the garment. From an initial skirt garment chosen, research into themes and concepts were developed. Mood boards were produced focusing on various photographic routes and textures stemming from 3 chosen words.

Taking the feather-like texture of the garment into account, a Focus on birds and their characteristics was explored mirroring colors from the animal to color trends for 2020. Particular influence came from the song “I’m like a bird “ focusing on the meaning of where someone leaves their soul, bringing the essence of freedom into focus.

Combining aspects of research into feminine delicacy and freedom linking the idea and concept of birds. A styled collection was produced to be part of a capsule collection for clothing brand &Other Stories. This capsule collection would be a proposed online and pop-up store collection only. This means allowing females to create their own kind of freedom by wearing delicate yet powerful garments. Creating their own story.

The final shoot was conducted at home shoot was conducted to bring the capsule collection to life with the aesthetic theme of &Other Stories in mind.
With the help of a tripod and a family member, I was able to bring a vision to life under lockdown circumstances.



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